Explicit 6: The Cats of Ulthar (Discussion)

6: The Cats of Ulthar (Discussion)

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Update: The audio is kinda bad for the first 6 minutes, then gets better. I was experimenting with some noise filtering that apparently did not work at all. Sorry about that!

Tod & Claire discuss H.P. Lovecraft's "The Cats of Ulthar," which was written one hundred years ago today, but published in the November 1920 issue of Tryout, and later republished the February 1926 issue of Weird Tales. You can either listen to the last episode and pretend it is being told by our cat, or read it yourself for free.

One musical cue is from He's the Houscat (Arthur's Theme) by Alexander Smith and Stuart Wellington, and another is O Fortuna by Carl Orff. See if you can tell which is which!

Finally, I offer my most sincere apology for my casual and boorish use of the term "gypsy," a slur that Claire points out that Lovecraft did not use in describing the traders from the south. My bad.