3: The Statement of Randolph Carter

3: The Statement of Randolph Carter

Episode description

Tod reads H.P. Lovecraft's The Statement of Randolph Carter, which was first published in the May, 1920 issue of The Vagrant, and republished in the Februrary, 1925 issue of Weird Tales. Discussion about this story will follow in the next episode. Please be aware: this story contains a masculine relationship with a power imbalance, descriptions of Florida swampland, and a police interrogation of a suspect without a lawyer present. If you feel that any of these subjects might unduly bother you, please stop listening now.

The source of the swamp ambiance is "Swamp Sounds at Night - Frogs, Crickets, Light Rain, Forest Nature Sounds | 3 Hours," by Dark Ambiance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih4_1FyVjaY.

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