Explicit 22: Dagon (Discussion)

22: Dagon (Discussion)

Episode description

In which Tod and Claire discuss Episode 21, "Dagon," by HP Lovecraft, first published in the 1919 issue of The Vagrant, and Tod edits this in a hotel room, his very first hotel edit since starting the show.

Absolutely critical to understanding some of this episode is gazing upon the work of Gustave Doré, most notably, that crazy vase, which I hope to see some morning this week when I'm in San Francisco. Also, read up on Piltdown Man, as I'm sure we got some facts wrong.

Hey, does anyone actually read the show notes?

If so, let us know at hideous@podsothoth.club, or tweet about the show and mention @podsothoth when you do.  You can talk about what a dummy I am, like Mike's daughter did, by not calling ourselves Tod-Sothoth and Clairethulhu. A six year old noticed this! Six! Man. She should come to Providence, Rhode Island, in August and guest on a panel, since she's obviously a Lovecraft pun genius. In the meantime, I'm marking this episode explicit so maybe we won't get any more primary school age wunderkinds picking up obvious jokes we left on the table. :)

(Just kidding, but we do swear a little bit in the discussions (and talk about unspeakable horrors).)